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At Federal EC, our team is composed of industry-leading trenchless pipe experts in Atlanta, GA, and nearby areas who specialize in pipe and sewer line inspection, rehabilitation, and utility construction. As experienced engineers and technicians, we pride ourselves on being proven partners with small and large businesses in the Greater Atlanta area, ensuring innovative solutions to unique project challenges.

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A Brief Look at What Our Team Offers

Here is an overview of the inspection and rehabilitation services we provide:

Pipe rehabilitation can be completed with several types of trenchless restoration methods to complete storm, water, and sewer pipeline repairs and replacements that connect municipalities with offices or industrial and commercial buildings. These methods include spin casting and sliplining, which draws a new pipe through the path of an existing pipe. It also includes spot repairs, thermoformed cured-in-place pipe, and pipe bursting.


We recommend an in-depth pipe inspection, as this is a key component of sewer and drain system maintenance and critical in identifying pipe deficiencies. Federal EC utilizes industry-leading robotic crawler systems but also has access to push cams or lateral launch systems. Pipe inspections directly identify trouble areas, such as buildups, blockages, breaks, or even tree roots. Without camera inspections, problems typically couldn’t be identified or remedied until they became evident and costly.


Utility construction involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of underground utilities. Federal EC specializes in storm, sewer, and water piping. Trenchless construction is a subset of Utility Construction and allows for repair of utility systems with little or no excavation. These systems convey stormwater, sanitary sewer, water, and other utilities to municipal, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Common construction methods include trenchless technologies and traditional construction methods. Trenchless technologies include lining, horizontal directional drilling, tunneling, boring, and other specialized techniques.


Federal EC also specializes in trenchless pipe lining, providing our clients with a time and cost-saving alternative to traditional excavation. It not only avoids the inconvenience of traditional construction, but provides our clients with less disruption to their customers, businesses, and the public. Our pipe-lining products provide a new pipe-within-a-pipe method of drain and sewer-line restoration.

The process begins with a camera inspection and pipe cleaning before pulling through and inflating an epoxy-resin-impregnated liner, which cures in place to create a resilient and form-fitting new pipe within a pipe.


Storm drain rehabilitation can include joint sealing, rehabilitation, and replacement for commercial storm drain systems and pipe repair and replacement, such as cured-in-place lining. These operations are designed to address deficiencies in your building’s storm drain system.


Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water-blasting to directly clean pipe surfaces, remove debris and residue, quickly remove serious clogs and blockages, such as tree roots, and even descale mineral deposits.


Sinkholes occur when underground voids form and create a hole or depression at grade. Sinkhole repair and rehabilitation can be completed by several methods following a comprehensive inspection of the site to determine the cause of the sinkhole and a plan to address a permanent repair to the issue.


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Federal EC is a trusted partner to our clients including municipalities, industrial, food service facilities comprising both large and small businesses. We support and service clients in Atlanta, GA, the Greater Atlanta area, North Georgia, Charlotte, NC, and the Southeast United States. Our pipe inspection and repair professionals in Atlanta, GA, and nearby areas provide innovative solutions for our clients. As a service provider with experience in value engineering, we have the working background to develop unique approaches to challenging projects in close collaboration with customers. The Federal EC management team consists of experienced participants in benchmark utility projects who act as trusted resources for owners, engineers, and vendors. Contact us today by calling our team or filling out the online form. Schedule an appointment for any of the services we offer in these and other locations:

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When you need top-quality pipe inspection and repair services in the greater Atlanta area and Charlotte, North Carolina, don’t think twice about getting in touch with us here at Federal EC. Our pipe specialists would be more than happy to assist you with all of your project requirements. Contact our team today by calling us or filling out the online form. Federal EC serves Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC. We look forward to working with you.