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As the leading provider of quality pipe inspection in Charlotte NC, Federal EC takes pride in consistently giving our customers the best services. We also believe in educating our clients on essential plumbing facts, especially about the services we offer such as hydro jetting.

Below are a few facts about hydro jetting homeowners should know.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning method that uses high pressured water between 3000-5000 PSI. This process has been around for more than eight decades, serving both commercial and domestic sewer lines. Hydro jetting is a method of clearing blockages and clogs within the sewer pipes. Hydro jetting also allows us to carry out our sewer camera inspection services more efficiently.

Ideal Before Inspections

As we have mentioned, hydro jetting works best when paired with other drain inspection processes to give our plumbers a better view of the interior of your pipes.

The Hydro Jetting Process

Hydro jetting is a minimally invasive yet highly efficient way to clear even the most stubborn clogs out of your pipes. When we hydro jet obstructions within your pipes, we only use clean, pressurized water. There are no chemicals or digging involved. We insert the hydro jet hose into the same access point that we have used for sewer scoping.

Easy Access

Another great thing about hydro jetting is that it can easily be done even on lateral pipes. Such pipes can prove very difficult to unclog using other methods. For optimization, we also rely on pipe camera inspection before using hydro jetting to locate the blockages and target them.


If your pipes are badly damaged, hydro jetting may not improve the situation. This is why it is vital to place importance on regular sewer camera inspection for drainage systems. Getting a plumber to inspect your pipes regularly prevents costly repairs and catastrophic damages to your lines.

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