First-Class Pipe Rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA, and the Surrounding Areas

Pipe rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA, and other areas we serve is a process for extending the life of municipal and commercial pipeline systems. Whether it involves structural repair, system capacity, inflow or outflow prevention, or infiltration prevention, pipe rehabilitation from Federal EC keeps a drain and sewer system in good working condition.

We offer pipe rehabilitation in:

Benefits of Professional Pipe Rehabilitation

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation halts and prevents leaks. The process also prevents groundwater infiltration into the pipe. It requires no trenching, so it protects sensitive environments.

Top Rated Sewer and Pipe Rehabilitation Services

When pipe lines become compromised, you don’t automatically need to have them replaced. Oftentimes, they can be repaired so long as they are still structurally sound. Federal EC provides quality pipe rehabilitation in Charlotte, NC. Our rehabilitation process involves a range of techniques as well as cutting-edge tools masterfully used by professionally-trained and experienced professionals.

Our rehabilitation services include:

  • Chemical Grouting
  • CIPP or Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining
  • Fold-and-Formed Pipes
  • Sliplining
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe CCCP
  • Spincasting
  • Premier Trenchless Pipe Lining

    With trenchless pipe lining, you have a cost-effective alternative to traditional repair methods that often involve property damage. At Federal EC, we have various trenchless pipe lining methods that can be utilized depending on the circumstance. CIPP, or cured-in-place, pipe lining winches or inverts a resin-impregnated flexible liner into a damaged pipe where the liner cures and creates a durable new pipe within a pipe. The fold-and-formed technique slip lines a folded pipe into the damaged line where the new pipe expands to fit the original. The spin casting method creates a new high-strength mortar pipe within a pipe.

  • Professional Storm Drain Rehabilitation

    Storm drain pipes and channels need to be kept in tip-top shape to effectively carry rainwater away to the municipal drainage system. Without proper maintenance and repairs, debris can form clogs that can cause backups and floods. Our storm drain rehabilitation procedures can include cleaning, joint sealing, replacements for fittings or pipes and manholes, as well as inlet rehabilitation or replacement.

  • Underground Utility Construction and Repair

    For tricky underground constructions and repairs, trust Federal EC to get the job done right. Our underground utility construction services involve excavation for piping, the installation of permanent or temporary lines, or remedies for breaks in water and sanitary sewer system piping mains or stormwater systems when needed.

  • In-Depth Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

    At Federal EC, we proceed with sewer rehabilitation procedures depending on various factors, including the hydraulic capacity, the location, existing utilities, and construction costs. The rehabilitation methods we use include point repairs, slip lining, open-cut dig-and-lay piping, pipe bursting, and CIPP pipe lining. These methods help us eliminate inflow and infiltration into the sanitary sewer system cutting down on treatment costs.

  • High-Quality Process Piping

    This is used in systems that convey liquids used in industrial and food processing facilities. Over time, these pipes can degrade due to constant exposure to chemicals, liquids, gasses, fuels, or raw materials into valuable products, such as food products or other chemicals. Pipe Repair and rehabilitation methods can consist of hydro jetting to clean pipe interiors, carbon-fiber wrap, FRP, CIPP, lining, replacements, repairs, or retrofits.

  • Reliable Pressure Piping

    Pressure piping is also an effective pipe rehabilitation technique. However, special care must be used in designing the correct system. Pressure piping rehabilitation requires a properly designed engineered solution and proper licenses to fabricate or install components. The Federal EC team is adept at pressure pipe rehabilitation projects.

Signs You Need Pipe Rehabilitation

If you notice any of the following signs, your facility needs pipe restoration:

  • Standing water
  • Sewage or wastewater backup
  • Unusually vigorous grass growth near pipe lines
  • Water pressure issues
  • Slow draining

Pipe Rehabilitation FAQs

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