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Five-Star Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA

Sinkholes are extremely dangerous. Often the small void or settling at the surface is just the tip of the iceberg and an indicator of an often large and dangerous void underground. When settling or a hole at the surface is observed the area should be secured and a professional experienced in sinkhole repair in Atlanta, GA, should be contacted.

Most often sinkholes are formed where underground soil is being washed away by water. As the integrity of the soil weakens, it becomes dangerous for people, and it can damage or destroy nearby property. Over time, a hole will appear at the surface and the ground will sink dramatically. This creates an extremely dangerous situation and can cause severe damage to people, buildings, and property. When this situation arises you need a professional that specializes in this area and is properly equipped to handle sinkhole repair and rehabilitation.

You have several options when it comes to sinkhole repair, but prior to initiating repairs a trained and licensed professional should inspect and recommend appropriate repairs. You shouldn't trust just anyone with a sinkhole job because it requires the care and attention of an expert who understands these types of jobs. Otherwise, it can lead to further damage to underground utilities and structures. Here at Federal EC, we have proven a strong and reputable partner for both small and large businesses. We can help with whatever job you might have, including sinkhole repair and rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA.

Importance and Benefits of Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation

Sinkholes can affect any property in Atlanta, GA. At Federal EC, we specialize in sinkhole repair services. Our services prevent additional damage to the buildings on your property. We also perform these repairs to ensure safety in surface areas.

As a locally owned and operated sinkhole repair company, your satisfaction remains our top priority. We offer a rapid response time to urgent sinkhole problems. Our years of experience, investment in trenchless technology, professionalism, and integrity make us the trusted choice for sinkhole repairs.

Signs You Need Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation

Sinkholes can cause massive disruptions and considerable damage to your property. That’s why it’s crucial to take prompt action and call for sinkhole rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA if you suspect your property has one.

If you notice any of the following signs, your property needs sinkhole remediation:

  • Buckled concrete or asphalt
  • New cracks in the flooring, slab, foundation, parking lot, or sidewalk
  • Sloped flooring, parking lot, or entrance
  • Sinking fence posts, utility poles, or other structures
  • Pooled water in locations that previously drained well
  • New tree root exposure
  • Difficulty opening doors or windows
  • Growing or new cracks around doors or windows

Our prompt sinkhole restoration services include a workmanship guarantee.

What Causes Sinkholes

Sinkholes have the potential to be either natural or they can be caused by man-made improvements such as utility installation, grading, or paving. Sinkholes form when soil consolidates or erodes underground. Sinkholes can develop for a long time before they will first appear which presents a dangerous situation as pedestrian or vehicular traffic can be the catalyst for collapse at the surface. They can exist for weeks or months before ultimately collapsing. Heavy rainfall is often a major contributor to the formation of sinkholes.

Some of the man-made things known to cause sinkholes are:

  • Broken Drain Pipes
  • Improper Backfill or Backfill
  • Drilling
  • Construction

Our Methods of Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation

There are a number of ways that we implement sinkhole repair and rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA. Prior to addressing the sinkhole, it is imperative to address the root cause of the sinkhole.

With a small and stable sinkhole, we can oftentimes just fill it in with flowable fill, dirt, or select fill and restore the ground cover. With larger holes, our team might excavate down to the root cause of the sinkhole to assure that we have proper stability. Next, we might fill it in with layers of flowable fill, rock, grout, and or compacted fill. In most cases, we will carry out tests to determine the best way to proceed with this type of problem. You don't want to proceed with this blindly.

The rehabilitation methods are varied and can range from one situation to the next. You also have more traditional methods that can be used if it is determined that those will meet our customers’ needs. No matter what kind of rehabilitation method, it will strive to meet a couple of goals. First, it should be designed to stabilize the area around it. Next, we will have to look for ways that we can do this to prevent any recurrence. As water often lies behind the reasons for the sinkhole, it can be helpful to identify it and remove it. As far as advantages go, you prevent further harm to your business or industrial setting from the sinkhole forming.

We also provide the following professional and quality services

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