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First-Class Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation in Charlotte, NC

Federal EC is an experienced value-engineering team with an extensive background in utility projects and sinkhole repair and rehabilitation in Charlotte, NC. As a trusted partner in business, municipal, and government rehabilitation projects, we’ve participated in numerous sinkhole remediation projects that were caused by failed piping.

Importance and Benefits of Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation

A sinkhole can develop on any federal, municipal, industrial, or commercial property. Our team at Federal EC specializes in sinkhole repair services. We prevent damage to your property, maintain safety and protect your investment with our top-notch repair services.

Our locally owned and operated small business focuses on your satisfaction. We always deliver high-quality work. Our team understands that sinkholes create a safety hazard, and we respond quickly to address the problem. Our decades of combined experience, state-of-the-art technology, honesty, and professionalism make us the trusted experts for sinkhole rehabilitation in Charlotte, NC.

Understanding Sinkholes

Sinkholes are depressions or holes in the surface that appear due to a surface-sediment collapse. Cover-subsidence sinkholes appear when subsurface water wears away supporting rock, allowing the soil to fall in. Cover-collapse sinkholes are the most dangerous. Flooding, storms, or compromised sewer lines can remove subsurface material, creating voids several feet deep within minutes.

The main objective of Sinkhole Repair in Charlotte, NC, is to make sure that the soil doesn’t move in the future and to remove or remedy the cause. Sinkholes in populated areas are frequently due to infrastructure work. Broken or collapsed underground pipes or tanks or improperly compacted soil following excavation work are typical causes. Damaged or eroded sewer pipes can saturate surrounding soil with wastewater or allow the soil to enter pipes, creating voids.

Common signs of sinkholes include:

  • Surface ponding water
  • Cracks in the ground or building foundations
  • Ground depressions
  • Tilted trees or fences
  • Jammed doors or windows
  • Rapidly appearing holes in the ground

Signs You Need Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation

All sinkholes require professional attention. Look out for these signs that your facility needs urgent sinkhole remediation:

  • Buckling concrete or asphalt
  • New cracks in asphalt or concrete
  • Sloped slabs, flooring, or other hard surfaces
  • Sinking utility poles, fencing, or buildings
  • Pooled water in the basement or on surfaces
  • Fresh tree root exposure
  • Difficulty opening windows or doors
  • New or bigger cracks around doors or windows

Our cost-effective sinkhole restoration services include a satisfaction guarantee.

Methods of Sinkhole Repairs

There are various sinkhole repair methods. The materials and methods we implement at Federal EC differ based on the client’s requirements. Being the area’s sinkhole rehabilitation experts, we aim to stabilize the location and prevent sinkholes from becoming recurring events.

There are several we use for sinkhole rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA that can be used to re-level structures, stabilize soil, increase bearing capacity, and create underpinnings.

Here are some of the more common solutions:

  • Permeation grouting is also referred to as chemical, pressure, or cement grouting. The process fills voids or cracks in rock or soil and uses flowable grouts to permeate granulated material, cementing a mass. It’s typically used to prevent underground flows, underpin foundations, and stabilize the soil. The advantages of permeation grouting include:
    • An economic underpinning alternative
    • Applicability to areas that are difficult to access or have limited space
    • Minimal disruptions
    • Adaptability to the existing terrain
  • Compaction grouting is a soil stabilization method that injects grout into the soil and pushes it to the side to build grout columns or bulbs. As these push air or water out of the soil, the ground becomes denser, allowing it to support surface structures. Compaction grouting improves compatible or soft soils, stabilizes and re-levels such existing surface structures as concrete floors or sidewalks, a process that is also known as concrete-lifting or slab-jacking, and stabilizes underground structures and reduces water seepage.
  • Cap grouting is often used to cap off bedrock surfaces, preventing further loss of soil into worn-away voids in the bedrock. It uses a grout that’s strong enough to bridge bedrock voids with a thick cap, typically one to two feet thick, that will withstand hydrostatic and soil pressures.

We also provide the following top-notch services

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With a track record of industry-leading utility and underground solutions, we’re experts in sinkhole repair and rehabilitation in Charlotte, NC. The team at Federal EC is experienced in value engineering and works closely with regional and local businesses, municipalities, and government projects to determine the optimal, purpose-driven plan of action.

Our business practices of safety, ethics, and honesty make us a trusted resource in the Greater Atlanta area and the southeastern region of the United States.

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