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Top-Quality Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA, and Surrounding Areas

If you're looking into sinkhole repair and rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA, you're dealing with an emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. A sinkhole is unsightly, very destructive, and potentially extremely dangerous for anyone in its vicinity. Fortunately, you can count on the team at Federal EC to provide the necessary solutions to a myriad of problems. We serve clients in:

A sinkhole is essentially a hole or a depression in the ground that's been caused by the surface layer of the ground collapsing. Sinkholes happen frequently in areas where underground utilities are located below the land surface and can wash away soil along with groundwater.

Sinkholes come about as the result of both natural and man-made causes.

  • In cities and other urban areas, sinkholes can be caused by issues like water main breaks, drainage, and sewer collapses.
  • Urban areas can also experience sinkholes as a result of over-pumping or the removal of subsurface liquid.
  • Some sinkholes are created due to a change where natural water-drainage methods have been replaced with newer, man-made methods.
  • Naturally formed sinkholes are often caused by the natural erosion process

Importance of Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation

Our sinkhole repair in Atlanta GA restores structural integrity to your property. We address the safety issues caused by the sinkhole and protect your investment.

Methods of Sinkhole Repair

At Federal EC, we are well-versed in different methods for getting rid of sinkholes. The one we recommend will depend on the type of sinkhole you have, the stability of the surrounding area, the cause of the sinkhole, and the budget for repair. Before work can even begin, we will have to determine that any work done will not cause a further collapse or pose a risk to the surrounding area and structures. If the sinkhole has formed underneath an existing structure like a building, tests should verify the size and exact location of the sinkhole before crafting a stabilization and restoration plan.

Our team can repair smaller sinkholes by simply filling in the area with dirt and covering the area with ground cover. If you're dealing with a larger sinkhole, there will have to be some excavation in order to check the stability of the bedrock. The hole will then have to be built back up with layers of materials like dirt, rock, gravel, and grout.

In any case, a full survey of the site should be completed by a competent and licensed engineer.

Our Sinkhole Rehabilitation Methods

There are a number of ways that we implement sinkhole repair and rehabilitation in Charlotte, NC. Prior to addressing the sinkhole, it is imperative to address the root cause of the sinkhole.

With a small and stable sinkhole, we can oftentimes just fill it in with flowable fill, dirt, or select fill and restore the ground cover. With larger holes, our team might excavate down to the root cause of the sinkhole to assure that we have proper stability. Next, we might fill it in with layers of flowable fill, rock, grout, and or compacted fill. In most cases, we will carry out tests to determine the best way to proceed with this type of problem. You don't want to proceed with this blindly.

The rehabilitation methods are varied and can range from one situation to the next. You also have more traditional methods that can be used if it is determined that those will meet our customers’ needs. No matter what kind of rehabilitation method, it will strive to meet a couple of goals. First, it should be designed to stabilize the area around it. Next, we will have to look for ways that we can do this to prevent any recurrence. As water often lies behind the reasons for the sinkhole, it can be helpful to identify it and remove it. As far as advantages go, you prevent further harm to your business or industrial setting from the sinkhole forming.

Signs You Need Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation

Any soft area around your home or in your garden can potentially be a sinkhole. It pays to give them close attention when you notice them to make sure you’re in the clear.

You may need sinkhole rehabilitation in Atlanta GA if your facility or property has:

  • Sinking concrete or asphalt
  • Sagging poles or fencing
  • Sloping floors
  • Cracks in foundation, slab, or flooring

Sinkhole Repair FAQs

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