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Comprehensive Storm Drain Rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA, and Nearby Areas

Storm drains consist of a channeling system that collects rainwater and runoff through inlets and carries it away in pipes to a discharge point in a municipal sanitary sewer system, a water body or a channel. These systems can develop deficiencies, leading to the need for storm drain and pipe rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA, and other areas.

At Federal EC, our team is well-versed in the repair and maintenance of storm drains for our commercial and industrial clients in:

Understanding Storm Drain Rehabilitation

Storm drain rehabilitation in Atlanta, GA, and the greater Atlanta area consists of both renewal and repair and deals with structural deficiencies and extraneous flow. In general, repairs let pipes continue to function throughout their useful lifespans.

A number of methods exist to maintain a storm system's integrity. These can include panel systems, pipe-segment replacement, sliplining, joint or crack sealing, chemical grouting, point repairs, partial replacements, coatings, hydro jetting, fold-and-formed pipelines, pipe bursting and trenchless pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, and nearby areas

One of the more common lining processes is CIPP pipe lining in Atlanta, GA, and other parts in north Georgia. CIPP stands for cured-in-place. The technique involves a flexible, epoxy-resin-impregnated liner that is drawn or inverted into a faulty existing line. The liner expands with air pressure to form-fit the interior, where it cures and creates a sturdy new pipe within the old one.

Benefits of Professional Storm Drain Services

Flooding from backed-up storm drains can cause neighborhood delays and structural damage. Sinkholes under buildings and sidewalks sometimes result from voids that can form to the depth of the piping, causing depressions in the ground and creating serious public hazards.

At Federal EC, rest assured that our professionals are experienced in locating and clearing blockages that cause backups, such as soil and rocks. We can use high-pressure hydro jetting to clean the interior or remove tree roots. Federal EC is also an expert in sinkhole repair and can use multiple techniques to stabilize sinkhole areas and prevent a recurrence.

Other sinkhole-repair techniques include compaction grouting in bedrock and the inverted filter method for events near structures.

Common Storm Drain Issues

Typical issues that occur in storm drains can be the result of multiple causes, such as deficiencies due to corrosion, failure, and poor maintenance or construction. Deficiencies include leaking joints, broken pipes, poor-sealing manholes, extraneous inflow or root infiltration. Roots, debris, and deposits may create blockages and storm-drain backups that flood neighborhoods.

Extraneous inflow can overwhelm the pipe system and lead to surcharging, which can result in overflows in buildings and streets. Excess pressure from surcharging also escapes through defects, which can speed up deterioration in a pipe or joint. Deterioration allows the soil to enter, degrading and destabilizing surrounding soil and creating voids and sinkholes.

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