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The Top Pipe Inspection and Repair Professionals in Atlanta, GA

If you have an underground pipe problem you need a Licensed Utility Contractor. Plumbing companies are not licensed, equipped, or trained to diagnose and complete repairs and often subcontract this work leading to substantial markups and poor quality products and services. Make sure you ask any company you work with for their Utility Contracting License.

Federal EC is proud to employ the leading pipe inspection and repair professionals in Atlanta, GA. Our experts are closely familiar with all the challenges that our clients face and trained to use only the most innovative technology and techniques to provide unparalleled service.

We work with municipal, industrial, and commercial clients throughout the greater Atlanta area, including small and large business owners, engineers, and vendors. Our services are flexible and able to meet unique needs and budgets.

  • Accurate Pipe Inspection

    With professional pipe inspection, we serve a variety of industrial and commercial companies. We utilize robotically driven crawler systems that are specifically adapted to each pipe size and condition to obtain the best video inspection possible in High Definition video.

    We quickly determine if there are any troubles with your existing pipe infrastructure and also have the capability to provide regular maintenance to be sure that your pipes meet regulations. Through specialized engineering technology, we closely oversee and monitor underground pipes and utility projects to make sure our clients achieve their desired outcomes, whether that be installation, upgrades or repairs.

  • Dependable Pipe Rehabilitation

    Commercial pipe rehabilitation requires specialized knowledge and approach to ensure the safety and sanitation of workers and citizens. From removal of large obstructions to partial and full replacement, our team is able to tackle your facility's issues in a systematic manner often without the need to complete any excavation.

    Pipe deficiencies requiring rehabilitation affects everyone. In order to preserve efficiency and protect people's health, ourtrenchless pipe experts operate through manholes and use trenchless technology to minimized disruptions and reduce or eliminate property damages.

  • Efficient Sinkhole Repair and Rehabilitation

    Clients who need sinkhole repair and rehabilitation can trust Federal EC to provide exemplary service. We diligently protect our clients' property by minimizing structural damages and maximizing our rehabilitative efforts. We design personalized strategies based on your sinkhole's location and problems to find the optimum approach. Eliminating disruption and damages are equal to providing exceptional and fast repairs and rehabilitative services. We respect your time and understand the need for minimally invasive and effective pipe and sinkhole rehabilitation regardless of the scale of their issue.

Other Specializations

Trust the Federal EC Team

Our professional team works with each client on a personal basis to determine objectives, overcome obstacles and provide quality services that suit their timeframes and budgets. We collaborate with leading experts to create a unique cross-industry approach that ensures your pipe inspection or rehabilitation will be carried out in the most efficient and affordable manner.

Teamwork is one of our most valuable assets and core values; we collaborate with our clients and ensure they're fully informed and on-board with every step of the process. We will never do any services they have not fully consented to. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship and become a reliable, trusted resource for all of our customers for years to come.

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